After-School Program 

​Our core after-school programs are offered at no cost.


Our after school program is broken up into three groups of girls, meeting one or two times a week from October - May. Girls share a snack together, have a circle-time where they get to individually express how they are feeling, work on various activities such as art projects, playing theater games, going on field trips and developing relationships with other girls, thereby strengthening their own self-confidence and self-worth.  The girls come from various schools around Greater Portland and are often from many different backgrounds and socio-economic statuses. They are required at the beginning of the year to commit to the program for the entire year and sign a contract stating that they will commit to keeping the ACOG space safe, positive and most-importantly bullying free. Bullying of any kind is not tolerated at ACOG.


Fledgling Group
Our Fledgling program is primarily for girls in elementary school (grades 4-5) and meets two days a week (Tuesday/Thursday) directly after-school. 

Ensemble Group
The Ensemble program is primarily for middle and high-school age girls. Girls meet twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.


ACOG Ambassadors

Our ACOG Ambassadors group is made up of high-school age girls that have been part of ACOG's after school programming for more than two years.  Girls will meet one day a week (and more when necessary) to work on community service projects, fundraising for ACOG, and working as an advisory committee to programming staff for future curriculum. 

Community Outreach Programs
Our Outreach Programs are offered at no cost.

Art in the Parks

Art in the Parks brings weekly free artmaking to children in underserved locations throughout the summer.  Our Art in the Parks programming targets younger youth (ages range from 2-17, with the majority under age 9). By combining art and literacy we are able to reach underserved children and provide quality early learning experiences that will help set them on the path toward school, and life, success.    

Portland Mentoring Alliance - (aka Project C3: Camaraderie, Connectivity and Creativity)

Project C3 is held at Portland High School in partnership with Portland Mentoring Alliance once a week throughout the school year. Through our pilot efforts, we discovered that the girls, primarily from refugee or immigrant populations, were particularly drawn to our culinary and visual arts programming. The act of gathering together in a kitchen, or working around a table on a craft project, coalesced bonding between girls and mentors and provided support that these girls craved and needed. This past year, responding to input from the girls, we added dance programming as well.

Boys and Girls Club - Riverton

This year we will be providing monthly arts programming in partnership with the Riverton Boys and Girls Club.  On the third friday of every month throughout the school year we will be providing a free art workshop for girls at the Riverton Clubhouse. Our hope is to engage more youth in our programs, and stay connected to many of our Art in the Park participants throughout the school year – building a bridge from our program to their community.

Mentor Program

Mentoring has been identified by the America’s Promise Alliance as one of the five fundamental resources needed by America’s young people.  We will be seeking to match our Ambassador girls up with a local business woman/person in our community who will provide that girl insight and perspective into either a particular career choice, a certain family situation or simply a view behind the scenes into a particular career. We will be determining what interests and challenges our girls are facing, and then working to pair them up with a “mentor” that might best suit them. If you are interested in becoming a potential ACOG mentor – please contact us at info@acompanyofgirls.org

Intern Program

​As part of our commitment to our girls, ACOG continues to offer opportunities to help girls succeed. As an ACOG intern, past ACOG high school girls have the opportunity to work with our Fledgling groups and potentially earn credits towards their community service requirements at their various schools. Interns are chosen based on the girls past performance in the program, level of matureness and commitment and ability to work as a team member with the ACOG staff and as a mentor to our younger ACOG girls. The number of internships each year are limited and determined by the needs of that year’s participants.

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