Day Three: Write. Observe.

November 29, 2017

Today the girls revisited their plots to notice the seasonal changes, aka phenology.  


Ceiba and Hana took photographs of the landscape and fellow Citizen Artist/Scientists, while Alyssia made an impromptu Andy Goldsworthy-esque nature sculpture hanging from a tree in her quadrant overlooking the estuary.  Several girls wrote poems based on their log entries for this day.


Rosie's Audubon Poem


Audubon Poem

From green to brown

They slowly change

From sweaters to coats

Prepare for the blanket of

Big white snow

From life to death

The cycle goes on

But every season has it’s

Pros and cons

Focus on the good and

Not the bad don’t think

The bad is all a season


But in the end it’s all

The same and forgetting that

Is pretty lame




Alyssia making her nature sculpture.



Ceiba's 11/29 Journal Entry & Poem 




Ceiba takes a selfie and tree portrait in her quadrant.



Photos by Hana of our Day






Deborah's 11/29 Journal Entry