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About Us

"I think ACOG is a very important, safe and creative surrounding for young girls to experience and deepen friendships, overcome anxiety and learn how to be compassionate to others."


- ACOG Parent

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At ACOG, we believe in youth.

More importantly, we help youth to believe in themselves. 

In today’s society all youth, no matter what their socio-economic standing , are "at risk."  At risk of being lonely. At risk of becoming isolated. At risk of feeling that they are not worthy of happiness or love.  A Company of Girl's award-winning programming fills afterschool hours with acceptance, learning and mentorship rather than emptiness, isolation, and negative influences.  


At ACOG we hold space for youth to feel encouraged and hopeful about their futures, and take a holistic approach that follows the four best practices for impactful out-of-school time programming as identified by the Afterschool Alliance:


1) intentional and strong program design - Our arts-based curriculum allows youth to develop their inner voice while employing hands-on, active engagement in creative expression.


2) high quality staff mentors - Our program staff act as mentors and role models, creating an environment in which students feel safe and supported, and cementing positive adult relationships. 


3) effective partnership - ACOG collaborates with the key players in a student's life: parents, teachers/ administrators, social workers, and other out-of-school time providers. 

4) continuous program evaluation and improvement - through surveys, observation, and feedback, we monitor progress not only of our participants well-being and our impact on their success in school, but also of ourselves, ensuring we maintain top quality, effective programming.  


As a result, students build resilience to overcome challenging circumstances and are poised to succeed both in school, and (eventually) in the workplace.


For information about involving a student in our Afterschool Program check out our Afterschool Program Details page. 

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