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Mission & Vision  

“It is such a unique and nurturing space in which participants are encouraged to be proud of who they are and find their voice through theater and art.  


It has been a joy to see kids blossom from silent to witty and shy to flamboyant, but I’ve been most profoundly impressed by how supportive they are of each other.”

        - ACOG volunteer  

Creating Community while 

Empowering Youth through the Arts.


The mission of A Company of Girls is to strengthen and empower youth and their families and foster community through the arts.



By building critical social/emotional skills, and providing high-quality, intensive mentorship and arts-based enrichment, ACOG lays the foundation for positive risk-taking and decision-making, healthy adult, family, and peer relationships, leadership opportunities, and success in school.  All of which lead to increased high school graduation rates, and girls with aspirations for the future.


Contact our office

to learn about current opportunities and enrollment procedures.



STRONGER youth build bolder communities... 

CONFIDENT youth make positive choices... 

and EVERY youth deserves support to succeed!

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