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Our Work

“ACOG gives

me a place

to belong.


It lets me

be me.”

The Programs:

“A Company of Girls provides a comfortable, welcoming space for my daughter to exercise creativity, have great fun, and be herself in a supportive and non-competitive environment. From her very first day, she felt nothing but a sense of belonging and friendship. This is bound to help her grow and learn in so many ways.”


    -  ACOG Parent

Every day at A Company of Girls we make a difference in a youth's life by using the arts as a tool to empower, support and encourage them to succeed.

Our programs help shape participants into youth who have the confidence and spirit of inclusiveness to make positive changes in our community and remain resilient to life’s challenges. Our current programming opportunities include our Core Afterschool Program, and our Outreach Programs, each geared to help youth discover, explore, and express their unique and valuable voice. 

The ACOG Ingredients:

•     Low “youth-to-staff” ratio provides opportunities for positive adult role modeling and mentorship.

•     Safe space where students engage in healthy behaviors, expand their horizons, and build positive ideas of self.

•     Strong commitment expectations around participation in order to foster and develop a supportive community and learn responsibility.    

•     Arts-based curriculum - shown​ to have positive outcomes on 21st century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, flexibility, problem solving, initiative, and social skills. 

•     Goal setting as a way to create aspirations, promote hard work, and feel a sense of accomplishment.

•     Performances and exhibitions that build self-esteem and self-confidence through public recognition and community engagement.

•     Opportunities to develop leadership skills and increased comfort with public speaking.

•     Exposure to a diverse community of participants, expanding perspectives about the experiences of those around them.

Additionally, for students in our Core Program, we monitor grades and attendance in order to watch for issues, and step up, when needed as an advocate to help youth stay in school and on track to succeed.           

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