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Support Us

“We chose A Company of Girls to partner with because, after having the pleasure to see the organization from a few different angles, it really caught our hearts,” 


Chris Condon,
United Insurance

Additionally, we seek support from various foundations, and government agencies.

Recent support has included the following: 


Foundation/Grant Support:

Anonimo Foundation

Frances Hollis Brain Foundation

Sam L. Cohen Foundation

Davis Family Foundation

Dead River

Horizon Foundation

Helen and George Ladd 

   Charitable Foundation

Maine Arts Commission

Maine Community Foundation

Maine Women’s Fund

Mimi Foundation

Onion Foundation

Pasculano Foundation

Rines/Thompson Fund

Virginia Hodgkins Somers


United Way of Greater Portland

They need us. We need you.

How can you help?


Your gift helps us sustain our Core Afterschool programming, as well as continue to grow our Community Outreach programs and opportunities. All of these programs are 100% free to participants, ensuring that those who need our programs the most can participate. Your support is crucial to keeping those programs alive. 

How your donation helps:


  • $20 buys one week of juice and fruit gummys for after school snack

  • $50 purchases granola bars and cheesesticks for the week

  • $100 buys the groceries for one "family traditions" culinary project

  • $250 purchases pottery materials and firing for our yearly "make your own snack plate" visual arts project (we also reduce waste by not using disposable!) 

  • $500 buys gas for our trusty van that transport students to the program from local schools, and lowers barriers for participation

  • $1000 pays one month of rent for our safe and cozy program space 



Performance Sponsorships:  

See your company’s name in print!  And most importantly, know that you have given a girl support to succeed.  ​ Click here to view our Corporate Sponsorship flyer to see how your business can join us in supporting youth in our community to succeed.

Program or Event Sponsorships:

There are also opportunities to support special community outreach initiatives, and increase the visibility of your corporation, including our partnership programming and our annual Empow{h}er fundraising event.

In-Kind Support:

Can you offer printing? Food & beverages? Art supplies?  All of these can make a difference!

We'd love to have you involved!  Let’s talk! 

Call us at 874-2107 or email 
to start the conversation!

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