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Our Impact

“ACOG helped me learn how to be free with my thoughts 

and be myself!”

       - ACOG participant

How is our Impact reflected?

Shaped over the last two+ decades, our program continues to evolve with direct input from the participants and their families, as well as other stakeholders such as social workers, counselors, and other youth development professionals.

Areas shown to be positively influenced by arts programming, as well as programming specifically for girls include:

  • Self-esteem              

  • Self-advocacy            

  • Collaboration             

  • Flexibility

  • Public Speaking        

  • Empathy                     

  • Resilience                    

  • Self-Confidence

  • Self-Discipline          

  • Critical Thinking         

  • Problem Solving          

  • Initiative

After surveying participants over the past 5 years we found:

100% felt...

that ACOG staff supports them and wants them to succeed.

99% felt...    

• Being in ACOG has positively influenced the choices they make.

• ACOG has helped them develop leadership skills.

• They leave ACOG feeling better than when they arrived.

96% reported feelings of improved self-worth and self-confidence after being in ACOG programming.

92% reported feeling more accepting of others who are different than them.

88% feel more confident to speak up in class or in front of people.

100% planned to graduate high school and continue on to college or some other type of post-secondary education.

96% of youth attended more than 90% of sessions, and 82% of girls have stayed in the program two years or longer.

and... 93% of girls improve their grades from the beginning to the end of the year and/or maintain high-grade standards and 96% attend school on a regular basis (missing less than 14 days).

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